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Printer Repairing Course
Microchip Expert Pvt. Ltd provide best education for printer repairing course in delhi.Many technical problems are found in printer, which cannot be solved by an individual thus a professional is needed.Repairing a Printer is a big problem in India as there is no professionalqualified printer repairing engineers in India.As a result a huge scope in Printer repairing market arrives. Printer repairing engineers demand is increasing day by day. Printer Repairing Business is a low investment and high returns kind of business, so its an opportunity for those who want to start a new business and earn profit for long time.Repairing a printer is not a complicated process.

Printer Repairing Course Features :
  • Classification of DMP Printer.
  • Different sections of DMP Printer Its details & Identification.
  • Interface Section.
  • Repairing of Printer.
  • Testing of Printer(Self Test or Test by computer )
  • Block diagram of DMP Printer and its description.
  • Layout of DMP Printer, Paper sensor, Home Sensor, Front Panel Led Indicator, Carriage motor Driver, Paper feed motor drive, Print Head driver, Power Supply.
  • Description of 24 V and 5 V power supply, CPU and DIP switch, GATE Array, RAM, ROOM Pins details. Fault finding of DMP Printer.
  • Working of power supply stage.
  • Toner Refilling of Laser Printer.
  • Fault finding of Laser Printer.
  • Function of Colour Printer.
  • Block Diagram of Colour Printer and Its Description.
  • Types of Colour Printer.
  • Different Sections of Inkjet printer, Thermal Process, Print head, Motor Sensor, Caping Locking, wiping, Splitting, Mechanism of Inkjet Printer & Detail.
  • Cartridge Refilling of Colour Printer.
  • Fault finding of Inkjet Printer.
  • Function Laser Printer.
  • Block diagram of Laser Printer and its Process.
  • Image Formation(Cleaning to fusing Process).
  • Electronic section of Laser Printer( Formater PCA and DC Controller).
  • Mechanical section of Laser Printer( Paper feeding , Motor Solenoid).
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